Evidence of Life:
New Paintings by Jason Hugger with Sculpture by Brad Konick and Thad Trubakoff  

September 5-30, 2014

Evidence-homeR. Pela Contemporary Art gallery launches its new season with Evidence of Life: New Paintings by Jason Hugger with Sculpture by Brad Konick and Thad Trubakoff, an exciting exhibition of established and emerging artists.

Hugger’s new series of paintings, which depict dreamlike structures set against realistic desertscapes, was inspired by his visits to the Middle East. “They’re representations of lost civilizations, and the monuments ancient people left behind,” says Hugger, formerly represented by Paulina Miller Gallery. “These new paintings recall 20th century surrealist painters like Dali, Tanguy and Magritte.”

Konick’s carefully crafted work—sculptural pieces cut from steel stock and reformed into new configurations to create a whole—is about the balance of opposites: light and dark, soft and hard, raw and refined. “Using steel as my primary medium,” explains Konick, known locally for his public art installations, most notably “Seed Giver,” a twenty-foot-tall metal sculpture for the Mesa Light Rail station. “I’m transforming the cold, rigid density of metal into something that gives off light.”

Thad Trubakoff works primarily in wood, creating interactive sculptures that recall other objects. One piece, “Great Grandpa’s,” replicates an ancient Victrola; another a giant pinwheel that leaps to life, activated by the viewer’s presence before it.

Trubakoff describes his new series—which he’ll show at ASU in a Master’s Thesis exhibit this winter—as “explorative art machines, with ties to tradition and nostalgia. The mix of new and old creates an interesting dynamic that I’ve exploited. I use a mix of high technology digital fabrication to support simpler traditional techniques, and vice versa,” Trubakoff says.

Evidence of Life will open with an artist reception on First Friday, September 5 at 6:00 p.m., and again on Third Friday, September 19 at 6:00. The show will remain on exhibit through September 28 and is otherwise open by appointment only, by calling 602-320-8445. R. Pela Contemporary Art is located at 335 West McDowell Road.